UK-born painter, writer, and musician David Delamare created the 34 oil paintings and 62 pencil drawings that appear in the Alice book. He and Wendy Ice then tinted the drawings using digital methods.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was David's eleventh illustrated book. Three of his books include his own original stories. (The other books are now out of print, but most can be found at Delamare paintings have been purchased by museums and have appeared in feature films and on book and album covers. (In fact, four of the original paintings from Alice are in the permanent collection of the National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature and the image from the book cover may be spotted in the background of the tea scene in the film Trainwreck.)

Portland native Wendy Ice has long been David Delamare's agent and print publisher. She also conceived and co-wrote the story in his book Animerotics: A Forbidden Cabaret in 26 Acts. She designed, co-edited and published the Alice book. She is currently developing a website to support other editors in their pursuit of an authentic Alice text.

Selwyn H. Goodacre is widely considered the leading authority on Lewis Caroll texts. He has collected over 2,000 unique Alice editions and many Carroll letters. For over forty years he has studied and compared editions and served as editor for respected volumes, including Barry Moser's Pennyroyal Edition. He is the author of Elucidating Alice (2015).

Bill Brunson (preliminary) and Thomas Phinney (final).

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